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Using a CCTV camera with “Infrared Temperature Detection” it is possible to detect high body temperatures in people giving a possible early warning someone has a fever and may have Covid-19.

Rapid identification of a fever is a great help to screening and protecting staff & visitors of any business, it’s contactless, easy and fast.

CCTV Cameras equipped with “Infrared Temperature Detection” are actually a “2 in 1” device, they have a standard IP CCTV camera and an additional infrared detection module that can read the thermal temperature of a human by the Infrared it gives off.

Infra Temperature detection cameras that help with the detection of fevers and Covid-19 are known as “ITDCs” and can be roughly split into two options for the user.

Long Range Detection with the Hothead™ Crowd (more than 1M)

These cameras can simultaneously read multiple people at a distance and therefore the subject’s temperature can be read without any participation in the process. Great for capturing temperatures of people in a busy environment where you can position cameras to capture people’s temperature by strategic placing of the camera(s).

Short Range Detection with the Hothead™ Selfie (less than 1M)

These cameras need the subject to be closer and pretty much standing in front of the camera. Because the Infrared detection module can’t read at a long distance, these cameras tend to be much lower in cost than the long distance readers.

Does my business need Temperature Detection CCTV?

In all likelihood YES, given the current situation and future prospects most business would quickly reap the benefits, here are some of the ways it can help...

Automatic & Instant
Temperature Readings

Early detection of a fever is one of the best tools to fight against the spread of Covid 19. The HotHEAD camera range instantly reads the temperature of a visitor and alerts you if it is too high.

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Choice of Camera Styles Single or Multiple Faces

The HotHEAD™ range of Temperature Detection CCTV cameras are in 2 groups Long or Short Range Detection.

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Instant Notification with HotHEAD™ Informer Software

When networked the CCTV camera can display “high temperature” pop up warnings & associated images on PCs with the supplied software. It can store, email or FTP images of those detected with a high temperature.

Discover more on the HotHEAD™ Informer software here

Face Mask Detection
can be switched ON or OFF

Intelligent electronics within the camera detect whether the subject captured in the video is wearing a face mask or not. You choose whether this feature is enabled or disabled according to your own policies.

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Monitors Visitors
Safely with No Contact

Helps protect shops, industrial units, educational facilities or simply where people meet. Use it to to screen people in reception areas of doctors, dentists and hair and beauty premises so close contact with people who have a high temperature can be avoided.

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Audio Warning Message Camera Alert

Camera gives out an audible warning alert "High Temperature Detected" when the threshold (usually 38°C) is reached. So you can be as cautious or strict as your own internal policies dictate.

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HotHead ™

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